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Suite 1A: NE corner, just inside main entry door, skyline views- floor plan includes 2 offices, a large conference room, plus open workspace (990 sft)

Suite 1B: SE corner: floor plan features 2 offices, plus a larger corner office/conference room and a large open work area, the office features a dedicated entry door with parking ten feet away (1220 sft)

Suite 1C: SW corner, a floor plan consisting of 3 large offices and a large reception/workspace; the suite has a dedicated entry door (1,057 sft)

Suite 1D: NW corner; our most efficient space; adjacent to elevator lobby - 3 offices plus large work space (939 sft)

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Gather Wilmore: 

1st Floor, printable PDF HERE

Suite 2A: Entire east side of building, 5 dedicated offices, 2 large work spaces, a break room, incredible views of the city- private door to a huge shared balcony (2,210 sft)

Suite 2C: SW corner, 3 large offices, a kitchenette, and a large reception/workspace  (1,057 sft)

Suite 2D: NW corner, our most efficient space, adjacent to elevator lobby; 3 offices plus large work space and kitchenette (939 sft)

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Gather Wilmore: 

2nd Floor, printable PDF HERE


Suite 3A: NE corner on top floor, 2 dedicated offices, large conference room with skyline views, and a large work space with kitchenette. Incredible views of the city, 16' ceiling (990 sft)

Suite 3B: SE corner, 4 large offices, corner conference room with incredible views of the city, kitchenette, a large reception/workspace, private door to large shared balcony (1,220 sft)

Suite 3C: SW corner, 3 large offices plus kitchenette and a large reception/workspace (1,057 sft)

Suite 3D: NW corner, great views,  - 3 offices plus large work space and kitchenette (939 sft, $2,475 per month, year 1)

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Gather Wilmore: 

3rd Floor, printable PDF HERE

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